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Save My Marriage Today Review

"Save My Marriage Today" is a relationship guide containing several techniques you can use to save a dying marriage. More than ever, marriages today are breaking up at a faster rate for one reason or another. The sad part is that the majority of breakups could actually have been salvaged if the couples sought meaningful guidance. Although some couples seek counseling services to try and save their marriage, most people don’t seek help and simply end up breaking up. Some people find counseling a little too intimidating while others have egoistic problems.

However, with a self-help guide delivered in eBook format, there’s nothing to feel intimidated about. That is what ‘Save My Marriage Today’ is all about. No one has to know that your marriage is going through a rough time. You and your partner can use the guide in the privacy of your home and renew your relationship. The only question is whether the guide really works or not.

Is Save Your Marriage Today a Scam?
What Is It?
Save My Marriage Today’ is a breakthrough marriage guide written by relationship expert Amy Waterman and her co-author Andrew Rusbatch. Amy Waterman is a professional relationship counselor with a series of best selling relationship guides including ‘Supreme Self Confidence’ and ‘Seduction Genie’, among others. Waterman focuses on helping couples make their relationships work for the long-term.

Save My Marriage Today was written for the same purpose too – to make marriages last. Anyone can use this guide to learn the necessary steps to take to prevent a breakdown of their marriage. Going through a divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences you can ever have. Not only does it affect you personally, it affects your children too as well as other immediate family members. Divorce can take a huge emotional toll on a couple, not to mention the terrible financial woes that it can create. Therefore, it’s clear to see why every couple must fight to avoid the trauma of a divorce.

Save My Marriage Today’ is a handy piece of guidance that entails simple strategies you can apply to get your marriage back on track. It doesn’t matter how bad things seem to be in your marriage, you will learn how to communicate with your partner even if they are unwilling to make things work. You will learn how to reignite those passionate feelings you had for each other when your relationship was just starting.

Make no mistake, every marriage has problems and "Save My Marriage Today" doesn’t show you how to avoid problems. However, it shows you how to deal with your marital problems effectively. The aim is to prevent your marriage from total collapse and get it back as it were at the beginning. Problems in marriages vary a lot, from money issues to infidelity and lack of trust. However, what matters most is how the two of you deal with them.

The Contents

There are 20 chapters in the "Save My Marriage Today" guide, some chapters accompanied by exercises you can do yourself as well as those to do with your partner to help you grasp the concepts even better. Chapter 1 fittingly starts with how to set goals for your marriage. Every person enters into a marriage hoping to achieve something. However, some people’s wants are not clearly defined and this chapter helps you define your wants and how to manage your expectations from your marriage. At the end of the chapter, there’s a practice exercise to help you practice the concepts taught in the chapter.

Chapter 2 deals with the lifecycle of relationships and marriages in particular. Chapter 3 shows you how to deal with the reality of a marriage; how to separate ideal from real. Many times, people get into relationships with idealistic expectations, and this is definitely not a healthy thing. There are four exercises that follow this chapter.

Chapter 4 discusses the most common mistakes married people make and chapter 5 shows you how to deal with conflicts. It teaches you the power of negotiation and how it can get you out of any difficult situation.

Chapter 6 deals with how to invest in your marriage and then the power of teamwork is demonstrated in chapter 7.

Chapter 8 deals with money issues in marriage. You will learn what each partner owes the relationship in terms of money. Chapter 9 teaches you how to focus on yourself while chapter 10 deals with workplace issues and how they affect marriage.

The next chapter closely follows what chapter 9 discusses. It discusses third-parties in a marriage. You’ll learn how to handle good and bad friends as well as ex-partners from the past.

Next is how to deal with children and what to tell them. And then one of the most difficult times in a marriage is discussed in chapters 13 and 14, and that is how to deal with mid-marriage crises.

Chapter 15 is about sex and intimacy. Admittedly, men and women have different expectations from sex. The following chapters discuss trust issues and infidelity, and how to cope when it arises. Chapters 18 and 19 deal with attitude and the final chapter talks about when to seek professional help from a counselor.

Without a shadow of a doubt, ‘Save My Marriage Today’ is one of the best marriage guides you can get out there and an absolute must-have for married couples. Salvaging your marriage doesn’t mean that you must forego your principles and give in to every whim from your partner. It’s also not about trying hard to make your partner understand what went wrong, or begging them for one last chance to make things right. Save My Marriage Today is about living a fulfilling life while sharing it with someone you truly love without feeling like you’re compromising on your core principles. It shows you how to make your marriage a win-win for both you and your partner. So if you are married, you’re almost guaranteed to have some storms at one point or another. "Save My Marriage Today" will show you how to safely make it though the storms.